Throughout my 50 some-odd years I have heard expressions that I like and some that I do not. Expressions that really irk me are, “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger” and “I just work here”.

To the contrary, I really like the expression, “Now, that’s someone that I want in my foxhole with me!” Although the expression is dated and I am not sure about how many foxholes are utilized in today’s combat, the idea is crystal clear to me: Who would I want with me when my life was on the line?

Giving a little more thought to this and putting myself in this situation, I would want this person to have the following attributes as well:

  • Reliable – Someone that you can trust and always has your back
  • Funny – Since you are going to be stuck in close quarters, it would be nice to have someone who could tell a good story and have a quick wit.
  • Selfless and Loyal – Someone who might put another person’s interest in front of their own.
  • A little Crazy – Someone who will not give up and fight till the end.
  • Kind – Someone who will share their baloney sandwich with you and lift your spirits when you are down.

My good friend Derek Correia clearly has the above attributes and more. He is someone that I absolutely want in my foxhole with me. No question about it!

Now, let’s look at Derek in the band. He learned guitar less than 17 years ago, has gear that would make Steve Vai jealous and has crafted his falsetto. He puts himself down as “not talented” but we all know that he is. Oh, and I am sure that the rest of the band would agree with my foxhole analogy. (as told by  founding member Brett)