Time To Act

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From: Jim Urie
Sent: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 1:54 PM
Subject: Time To Act

Last June I Sent An E-Mail Urging The Music Community To Become More Engaged In The Fight Against Online Theft. The Result — Over 16,000 E-Mails Imploring Congress To Pass Aggressive Laws To Combat Piracy.

It looks like Washington heard our call. A bipartisan group of Senators has introduced legislation that would give the Justice Department an expedited process for cracking down on rogue websites that are dedicated to making unauthorized copies of music available to internet users around the world. The Justice Department would target the most egregious pirate websites, go to a federal court with the evidence, and then seize the domain name. Once a site has been seized, the Court would issue an order to intermediaries — such as ISPs, payment processors, Internet registries and registrars, advertisers, etc. — prohibiting them from doing business with such rogue sites.

CNET called S. 3804, “one of the most ambitious attempts yet from the U.S. government to fight online piracy” and observed that “if the bill passes, it could mark the most significant anti-piracy victory for the film and music industries in quite a while.”

Each and every one of us needs to act NOW if we expect the legislation to gain momentum. Our community has never matched the noise created by those on the “copyleft” – we need to be louder than ever to drown out those who don’t care about our art, our jobs and the difference between right and wrong.

Please click HERE to send an e-mail to your Senators and Representative and ask that they support this unprecedented legislation. Take the time to ask your colleagues and friends to send a message as well. It’s quick and easy – just enter your home address and click “send.”

Jim Urie