Happy New Year from Ask Your Mom!

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Happy New Year from Ask Your Mom!

As a wrap up of 2008, we’d like to highlight a few events:

January 31: we played at NorthStar in Pound Ridge, NY and got a ton of people out despite the rain

May 15: NorthStar again! What is it with these people? Do you think they keep asking us back because they like us or because our fans drink like fish?

September 6: despite our best efforts to the contrary, the Saturday portion of the 2008 Norwalk Oyster Festival is rained out by Hurricane Hanna. We soldier on an play a private show for our wives and kids in our rehearsal studio. Matt Brotmann also joined the band at this point and we are glad to have him on board.

November 1: we weren’t concerned with it being All Saints Day and neither were the people that came to see us at Vintage in White Plains with Space Cabbage – what is turning out to be a yearly ritual.

December 4: final show of the year at – you guessed it – NorthStar! Ladies night is certainly good to us.

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